Liberia translates to “Land of the Free” from Latin. And considering the state of gambling in the country, it is genuinely a land of liberty. The country has legalized and regulated all forms of wagering through its own gambling authority.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a reputable online casino in Liberia, you’re in the right location. Throughout this guide, we will discuss a number of considerations to keep in mind when selecting an online casino in Liberia.

Gambling’s Past in Liberia


There is an extensive history of wagering in the country. In 1982, when the country was still under military authority, it began. The National Lottery Authority (NLA) was established at this period. It is still accountable for all wagering activities taking place in Liberia.


In 1990, when a civil war erupted, gambling was also momentarily suspended. Then, with the passage of a law in 1993, wagering was once again legalized. Through the legalization of casinos, sports betting, lotteries, and bingo, the industry experienced a tremendous expansion in 2016, however.


Liberia Gambling Law

Thus, after the 1993 Act of legislation, wagering was once again legalized in the country. As the years progressed, all forms of gambling were gradually legalized. We include all forms of wagering in our definition.


Every operator must obtain a license from the NLA. Without this license, it is illegal for operators to offer their services to Liberian participants. A license, a casino, a sportsbook, or an online wagering site can be obtained by operators.


Players are also permitted to gamble on sites that are not based in Liberia. Non-UK licensed or international casinos with a license from the MGA or Curacao gambling authorities are viable alternatives.


Casinos on Land in Liberia

There are currently more than three land-based casinos in Liberia. In these establishments, a variety of activities are available to players. These activities consist of traditional table games and slots. Additionally, some operators offer in-house sports wagering.


Liberia’s Future in Online Gambling

In the same manner as land-based casinos, online casinos are legal and regulated in the country. Although there aren’t many online businesses in Liberia, the door is open for this industry to flourish.


Regardless of which online casino you choose, you must ensure that they are secure. To be certain, you can verify the licensing information. MGA and Curacao licenses are always signs of a trustworthy casino.



Taking everything into account, we do endorse new online casinos in this country. Due to the legalization of all forms of wagering, there is no risk of running afoul of the law. And despite the fact that online gambling sites have not been very prevalent in this country, this may soon change.



So, Liberians, do you have any further inquiries? In that case, why not check out this useful FAQ section? We are confident that we will complete the task.


Are online casinos in Liberia legal?


In Liberia, all forms of gambling are lawful. The wagering options in the country include land-based casinos, bookmakers, and even online casinos. And it is all governed by NLA.


Which is the top Liberian online casino?


There are numerous recommendations we can make. You can check out the Mansion casino if you are undecided.


Which online casinos in Liberia offer the highest payouts?


There are numerous casino options with generous rewards. It is rumored that 888 casino has an exceptional payout for all of its participants.






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